Bachelor of Applied Economics (Chinese, Full Time)

Release date:2019/10/11
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Program Features

The Bachelor of Applied Economics (BAE) Program follows broad worldwide trends of socialand economic development. The BAE Program advocates professional knowledge, creates an applied curriculum system, interprets Economic and Financial phenomena, analyzes Economic and Financial issues, seeks for Economic and Financial laws, and promotes development of the world economy based on the latest theories in Economics and Finance. This program aims to emphasize a combination of theory and practice, focus on Economics, Finance and related fields, and keep up with worldwide trends.


Job Prospects

BAE program aims to equip students with solid economic and financial knowledge and theory, as well as the skills required when solving real world economic and financial problems. Graduates will be qualified to work as investment consultants, analysts and managers for banks, securities companies, insurance companies, and economic management departments of governments, regulatory authorities and other departments. They can also apply for master’s degrees in Economics and Finance at well-known universities across the world.