Wu Zefu, PhD

Release date:2022/01/02
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Associate Professor


Contact Details

Telephone: 8590-2997

Email: zfwu@cityu.mo


Academic Qualifications

Visiting Scholar, in Oregon University of US
Ph. D, Xiamen University
Master degree, Northern Traffic University
Bachelor degree, Fuzhou University


Teaching Areas

·         Accounting, Auditing

·         Financial Management

·         Corporate Finance

·         Finance Engineering

·         Investments


Research Area

·         Auditing Practice

·         Corporate Finance

·         Enterprise Innovation

·         Risk Management

·         Capital Market


Work Experience

·         2016/09-present: Associate Professor, City University of Macau
·         2010/01-2015/12: Professor, Fuzhou University of China
·         2007/01-2009/12: Associate Professor, Jimei University of Xiamen
·         2004/01-2006/12: Senior Lecturer, International Accounting College of Singapore


Professional Qualification

·         ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
·         ISCA (Institution of Singapore Certified Accountants)


Books and papers

Academic Papers (since 2011):


Wu J. and Wu Zefu. (2018) ISO certification and new product success in an emerging market, Asian Business & Management, vol.9, 45-54 (SSCI)

Wu Zefu (2018). 澳门绿色金融发展策略研究,《社会经济发展研究》, Vol.1.20-28

Wu, J., Harrigan, K., Ang, S-H., & Wu Zefu, (2017) The impact of imitation strategy and R & D resources on incremental and radical innovation, Journal of Technology Transfer. 2017, vol.9, 1-21 (SSCI)

Wu Zefu and Wu J. (2017) 技术创新风险整合监管机制研究.《科研管理》3: 258-267. (CSSCI)

Wu, J., Shuaihe Zhuo, & Wu Zefu, (2017). National innovation system, social entrepreneurship, and rural economic growth in China. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 121: 238-250. (SSCI)

Wu Zefu and Wu J.(2017) 风险整合管理与技术产品创新. 《科学学研究》,34(4): 612-623. (CSSCI)

Z. Wu, Wu J.(2016). Board of director’s integrated risk management and technological product innovation. Studies in Science of Science, 34(4):612-623.

Wu, J., Z. Wu* & Si S. (2016). The influences of Internet-based collaboration and intimate interactions in buyer-supplier relationship on product innovation. Journal of Business Research, 69(9): 3780–3787.

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J. Wu, Z. Wu.(2013). Firm performance and operation risk in regional polarization, Management Decision, vol. 3 (3):55-64.

Z. Wu. (2013). Volatility model on term structure of interest rate in T-bill market based on dual geometric transformation program, Operations Research and Management Science, vol. 22(3): 179-184.

Z. Wu. (2012). Modeling term structure of interest rate in T-bill market based on negative exponential cubic smooth L1-spline, Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice, vol.32 (12): 2637-2643.

Z. Wu. (2012). Dual transformation modeling on term structure of interest rate in T-bill market, Journal of Management Science, vol.20 (6): 28-34.

Z. Wu, L. Zhu. (2012). Frontier research on measurement framework of auditing skepticism, Auditing Research, vol.168 (4): 54-60.

Z. Wu, J. Wu. (2012). Empirical research on dynamic determination factors of International capital structure based on panel data on listed manufacturing corporation, Mathematics in Practice and Theory, vol. 42 (2):27-35.

Z. Wu, J. Wu. (2011). Earning management, litigation risk and auditing fee premium, Proceedings of World Management Forum, China.

Important publications
Z. Wu. (2015). Volatility mechanism on term structure of interest rate. China Economy Science Press.
Z. Wu. (2015). International Accounting. China Machine Press.