Prof. Shiqi Tang

Release date:2022/08/22
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Present Position

Dean of Hengqin innovation financial research institute

Master supervisor of international postgraduate school of Tsinghua university

Course specialized professor of Zhongshan university and university of Macau

Chief supervisor of institute of finance in Zhuhai

Chief director of expert committee in Zhuhai economic development promotion institute

General consultant of financial planner committee in Zhuhai

Director of Chinese industry and applied mathematics institute and national fintech laboratory


Working experience1976-2017):

President of China Guangda Bank Chengdu Guancheng sub branch

Senior Economist (special) of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus

National "double qualified" associate professor

Director of finance institute of Zhuhai Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus

Assistant dean of Business School of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus

Project charger of Guangdong finance practice teaching base

Project charge of the 13th five year plan of Zhuhai financial reform and development

College student’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Leader at the national level



Course: 《finance》、《Commercial Banks》、《computer based commercial simulation》、《Fintech》、《Digital finance》


1《 Analysis on typical cases of commercial bank》。Published by the press of Renmin university of China at April, 2014

2《Principles and practice of modern commercial bank management》.Published by Renmin university of China at 1/2015, the second edition was published at 5/2019, the third edition was published at 9/2022.

3《Research on the reform and development of community banks in China》. Published by Chinese finance press at 10/2016



26 literatures and translations was published in the career. The representative work is 《The 2.0 version of China's Internet Finance upgrade: financial composite cloud platform》(Published by southern finance at 5/2015)

Taking the charge of ten research projects at the City level、provincial level and national level. These projects were awarded from the first to the third prize. The representative work is 《The 13th five year plan for Zhuhai's financial reform and development》, which is the major research of the government of Zhuhai in 2019 and 《Research Report on the prospect of financial technology industry in Hengqin New Area》which is the major research project of Hengqin new district.


Award(Year 2016):

Excellent teacher award of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai campus

Excellent scientific research award of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus

Special contribution award of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus