Faculty of Finance Doctoral Students Visit Well Link Bank Nova Taipa Branch

Release date:2022/12/09
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On 9 December, doctoral students from the Faculty of Finance of CityU Macau had a successful visit to the Well Link Bank Nova Taipa Branch, received and accompanied by Mr Kunshan Cai, Executive Director and Vice President of Well Link Bank, and Mr. Ray Chan, Retail Banking Head of Securities & Nova Taipa Branch President. With the support and arrangement of the Well Link Bank Nova Taipa Branch, about 20 students participated in the visit, which was led by Dean Adrian Cheung and Associate Dean Eva Khong, Faculty of Finance, CityU Macau.


Through the introduction of the bank, the students gained an understanding of the details of a bank branch’s daily operations, the duties of management and frontline staff, and usual operation equipment, such as ATM access machines and barrier-free facilities. The students also learned about the background and main products of Well Link Bank. Well Link Bank was established in 1996 in Macau and operates with a full banking license. Its first branch was opened in 2018, and has now owned seven branches in Macau, which shows its rapid development. The main products and services of Well Link Bank include deposits, debit card, mobile banking, security and insurance products. Deposit products are available in different currencies and durations; debit card is one card with three currencies, which is convenient for customers to use in the mainland; the mobile banking application can complete most of the services provided by the branch, such as opening an account and applying for a credit card; securities services cooperate with securities companies in Hong Kong, so the commission is relatively low in the Macau market; insurance products are mainly divided into general insurance and life insurance. The dividend function of life insurance protects the inflation problem and attracts many mainland customers to purchase.


Mr. Ray Chan led the students to visit the operation environment of the Nova Taipa Branch, including the non-administrative area and the president’s office, which have a higher degree of privacy and monitoring, allowing customers to discuss their personal business more privately and comfortably. Thanks to Well Link Bank for its support to the Faculty of Finance in all aspects and for helping to promote the activities conducted by the Faculty. This visit enables students to better understand the development of modern finance in Macau, increase their basic understanding of banking business, establish contacts with banking practitioners and solve relevant questions about banking operations.