CityU and Monetary Authority host seminar on modern finance to explore industrial development and employment prospects

Release date:2023/04/28
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City University of Macau (CityU) and the Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM) co-organized an exchange forum on the theme of “Development Trend of Macao’s Financial Industry and Cultivation of Financial Taletns” yesterday (April 26th). The event featured two thematic sessions aimed to facilitate discussions and exchanges with industry elites on topics such as modern finance development trends in Macao and measures for cultivating financial talents. The organizers hoped to encourage students to obtain professional qualifications in finance and plan their careers more effectively. The seminar was attended by Leong Man Ngan, Director of the Research and Statistics Department of the AMCM, as well as Vice Rector Ip Kuai Peng, University Consultant Ip Peng Kin, Pro-Rector Chu Te Lin, Dean Adrian Cheung Wai Kong of the Faculty of Finance, Associate Dean Eva Khong Yueng Wah, faculty, and students.