Luso International Banking Limited

Release date:2020/06/03
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    Luso International Banking Limited (LIB) was incorporated in Macau in 1974. In 1985, LIB became the wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen International Bank, the first joint-ventured bank in China. In 2015, LIB successfully completed the capital injection process and has become a truly local bank in terms of shareholdings and engages in all kinds of commercial banking business. LIB has attained steady and rapid growth in the last over four decades.

    Being one of the major commercial banks in Macau, LIB has an elite work team of over 500 members, with 13 branches located at prime locations in the territory to serve the public. LIB is a prudent and active financial institution, and determined to provide high quality service, so as to contribute to the prosperity and development of Macau.

    In 2016, our first business branch in mainland China, set up in Guangzhou was approved by competent authorities in the mainland and Macau respectively, marking another milestone in the development of LIB. In the future LIB will continue to focus on its business in Macau and at the same time bring the advantages of Guangzhou Branch into play to expand the mainland market, so as to promote the economic and financial development in Guangdong and Macau. 


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