Adrian (Wai Kong) CHEUNG, PhD in Finance

Release date:2022/01/05
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Adrian (Wai Kong) CHEUNG, PhD Finance


Professor of Finance and Dean


Contact Details

Tel: 8590-2984


WOS Researcher ID: AAH-9468-2021

Scopus ID: 15061177900

ORCID: 0000-0002-4369-2129


Academic Qualifications


Master of Science, Financial Economics (Distinction), UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, ENGLAND.

Master in Business Administration (Finance), UNIVERSITY OF STIRLING, SCOTLAND.

Diploma in Law and Business Administration , SHUE YAN UNIVERSITY, HONG KONG.  



Dr. Wai Kong (Adrian) Cheung is currently the Dean and Professor of Finance, Faculty of Finance at City University of Macau. He received his PhD in finance from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  He previously taught at Lingnan University, Griffith University, Curtin University, and Flinders University. Before joining City University, he served as Head of Department of Finance and Banking at Curtin University and Research Section Head (equivalent to Associate Dean (Research)) in the College of Business, Governance and Law at Flinders University, respectively. Adrian's research interest is empirical issues in finance. His long-standing research interest is in understanding the finance mechanisms underlying contemporary business issues. Currently he seeks to understand issues like CSR, intangible capital, LGBT, social media, bitcoin, and trade credit from a finance perspective. He has been the recipient of various research grants, including National Natural Science Foundation of China, Australia-China Future Dialogues Fund, and AFAANZ Research Grant. He was also a visiting scholar at Peking University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His publications have appeared in international journals: Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Business Ethics, British Accounting Review, Financial Review, International Review of Economics and Finance, International Journal of Finance and Economics, Australian Journal of Management, Accounting and Finance, Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, Journal of Business Research, Economic Modelling, Energy Economics, Applied Economics, and the Journal of Asian Economics. 

On October 4, 2023, Stanford University released the latest ranking of "World's Top 2% Scientists". In the "2022 Science Impact Rankings", Dr. Cheung was included in Finance's "Science Impact Rankings of the Year". He was previously included in the 2021 list.



Teaching Areas

Corporate Finance; Business Finance; International Finance



Research Area

Empirical finance


Work Experience

·         2019-present:   Professor of Finance and Dean, City University of Macau

·         2018-2019:       Professor of Commerce and Head of Research Section, Flinders University

·         2015-2018:       Associate Professor in Finance and Banking, Curtin University

·         2011-2014:       Senior Lecturer in Finance and Banking, Curtin University

·         2004-2011:       Lecturer in Finance and Economics, Griffith University

·         1991-2002:       Assistant Lecturer/Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Lingnan University

Selected Academic Publications

  1. Liu, L., Cheung, A., Xue L., Lou, S., Chen, Y., (2024) On the Financial Sustainability of Social Security Pension Fund in Macao: A simulation analysis” (accepted) Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy (SSCI; ABDC: B)
  2. Zhang, Y., Cheung, A., & Qu, X. (2024) “Can digital financial inclusion improve coupling coordination between pollution reduction and low-carbon development? Evidence from China”Economic Analysis and Policy 82(2024)1113-1130 (SSCI; Q1)
  3. Khoo, J., Cheung, A., Wang, R., (2024) “Distracted Institutional Shareholders and Debt Maturity” Journal of Financial Research 2024;1-33. (SSCI; ABDC: A)
  4. Yan, W., and Cheung, A. (2024) “Connectedness among Chinese Climate Policy Uncertainty, Exchange Rate, Chinese and International Crude Oil Markets: Insights from Time and Frequency Domain Analyses of High Order Moments”The North American Journal of Economics and Finance (Vol. 73, p. 102175) (SSCI; Q2)
  5. Lin, L., Cheung, A., Yan, W. (2024) “Volatility Spillovers of Cloud Stocks: Evidence from China Using the Dynamic Connectedness Approach”Accounting and Finance. 2024;00:1-15 (SSCI; ABDC: A)
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Research Papers Presented at Academic Conference/Seminar

1)     Joye Khoo, Adrian (Wai-kong) Cheung (2024) “Climate change exposure and trade credit provision”, Asian-FA Conference 2024, June 2024, Macao, China.

2)     Adrian (Wai-kong) Cheung (2023) “Cloud economy - a finance perspective" [keynote address], Guangdong Social Science Academic Annual Conference 2023,  September 2023, Dongguan, China.

3)  Adrian (Wai Kong) Cheung, Deqin Lin, Lu Liu and Lifei Xue (2023) Analysis and evaluation of statistical indicators of economic diversification in Macao" The Third Annual Conference of Macao Studies (2023), Macao, China.

Current Research Projects

1)     “Distracted investors and corporate innovations” (Co-authors: Jamie Tong, Frank Zhang, University of Queensland; David Xiang, Edith Cowan University)

2)     “Oil and stock prices – evidence from cross-quantilogram” (Co-authors: Nirodha Imali Jayawardena, Jen-Je Su, Eduardo Roca, Griffith University)

3)     “On the price discovery of Bitcoin prices – evidence from high-frequency data” (Co-authors: Akihiro Omura, Jen-Je Su, Griffith University)

4)     “CSR disclosure and corporate cash holdings – evidence from China” (Co-author: Tianpei Luo, Curtin University)

5)     “CEO pay gap and bank liquidity“ (Co-authors: Shams Pathan & Chen Zheng, Curtin University)

6)     “Learning about heterogeneity in the relationship between insider ownership and corporate performance” (Co-authors:with Professor John K. C. Wei, HKPolyU and Dr. May Hu, Deakin University)

7)     “Do customers’government subsidies have spillover effects on the innovation of their suppliers? Evidence from China” (Co-author: David Xiang, Edith Cowan University)

8)  “Political uncertainty and commodity prices” (Co-authors: Joye Khoo, Curtin University; Yiuman Tse, UMSL)