(Forwarded Article) Huawei Macau strengthens collaboration with local universities to cultivate digital talents in the education industry

Release date:2023/05/11
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(Macao, 11 May 2023) The BEYOND Expo organized by Macao Technology General Association is held in the Venetian Macao Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Huawei Participated in this forum on the theme of "Building Digital Smart Macao” which brings together various new-generation smart solutions, cutting-edge technologies and disruptive innovations under Seven exhibitions highlighting, and gathering the government, enterprises and universities together to discuss and drive the development of the digital economy as well as technological innovation for a fully connected, intelligent world.

Huawei has announced the ITTDP programme in Hong Kong and Macau which is designed to provide tailored training programmes for individuals from all walks of life, including the young generation, government officials, ICT practitioners, entrepreneurs and the general public. With ITTDP, we are establishing a robust talent pipeline, not just for ourselves but also for the digital future of Macau.

Huawei works hand in hand with universities and academic groups with the purpose of supporting the building of smart cities and cultivating skilled workers for the digitalization of industries and Macau as a whole. Gazing ahead into the future, industry, academia and the research sector must collaborate to play a leading role in innovation while optimizing industrial planning, so as to support Macua as it becomes a hub of technological innovation.

Source: Huawei