Faculty of Finance visited the Huawei exhibition area of BEYOND Expo 2023

Release date:2023/05/12
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On May 10, 2023, teachers and students of the Faculty of Finance, City University of Macau, were invited to visit the Huawei exhibition area of the third BEYOND Expo 2023 held at the Venetian Cotai Convention and Exhibition Center of Macau. Dean Adrian Cheung, Associate Dean Eva Khong and Assistant Professor Derick Lin of the School of Finance of City University of Macau, Associate Director Che of the Macao Green & Low Carbon Industry Association, and a group of 30 finance undergraduates and master's students of the Faculty of Finance actively participated in the exchange visit. The Faculty of Finance has initiated preliminary cooperation with Huawei leaders and executives, and plans to build an exchange platform for financial technology enterprises, universities and research, hold special lectures, joint research, and students' study and training of financial technology talents.


With the theme of "For a DigitALL Intelligence Macau", Huawei's exhibition area presents the vision of "Building a smart world where everything is connected" from five areas: Huawei Cloud, operator business, enterprise business, digital energy and terminals. Huawei Cloud focuses on six products such as KooVerse, Huawei Cloud Stack, Huawei River Map, KooMessage, wave model and digital business cards. Under the professional introduction of Huawei personnel, the students visited the exhibition area and deeply understood the diversified solutions such as 5G indoor digitization, FTTR all-optical gigabit experience and cloud network express line for different scenes such as office buildings and private residences. Huawei's exhibition area also presented a number of digital transformation cases such as smart medical care, smart education, smart finance, and smart parks, which triggered students' thinking and exploration of digital transformation.


This visit provided a valuable learning opportunity for the students of the Faculty of Finance, which not only expanded their knowledge of the ICT industry, but also gained valuable experience in Huawei's product technology and innovative solutions. They had a deep understanding of the era of smart interconnection in the exhibition area, and were amazed by Huawei's exploration and achievements in smart solutions. Through communication with Huawei technical personnel, the students have a deeper understanding of the development trend and future direction of digital transformation.