CityU Teachers and Students Joint Q1 Research Results Focus on Green Finance and Corporate Responsibility

Release date:2023/06/07
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As green sustainable development has become the development consensus of the international community, how to promote green innovation and improve green performance has become the focus of attention from all walks of life. To further enrich the theoretical system of green finance, boost enterprises' green innovation and social responsibility fulfillment, and promote enterprises to achieve green transformation in high-quality development, teacher and student of the Faculty of Finance of CityU recently published a paper entitled "Organization Capital and Green Innovation: Evidence from China" in the international SSCI index Q1 journal Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. The first author of the paper is Ms. Yuxiao Qu, a PhD student in the Faculty of Finance, and the corresponding author is Professor Adrian Cheung, Dean of the Faculty of Finance.

The study explores the impact of organizational capital, one of the most important resource bases for firms, on green innovation. According to the definition of Lev et al. (2009), organizational capital is the "collection of business practices, processes and designs" accumulated in the long-term development of enterprises, which helps enterprises achieve better operation, investment and innovation performance, and is the source of sustainable competitive advantage for enterprises. However, whether it can help enterprises maintain competitiveness in the green transformation is unclear. Using China's A-share listed companies from 2008 to 2020 as a sample, the paper finds that organizational capital can significantly improve corporate green innovation performance, and this promoting effect is more obvious in enterprises with greater environmental regulatory pressure, higher media attention, and less financing constraints, as well as non-state-owned enterprises. Through mechanism analysis, it is found that organizational capital can further promote the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility through green innovation. This study helps to understand the role of intangible capital such as organizational resources in influencing green innovation and corporate social responsibility, and provides the basis for paying more attention to management process investment and playing the role of organizational resources to better promote corporate ESG practice and green transformation.

“Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management” is a well-known international journal of economic management and a regional journal included in SSCI, with an impact factor of 8.464 in 2022, and ranking in the forefront of the field of "environmental studies, business and management".

The research team of CityU will continue to focus on green finance and corporate ESG research, serve the overall situation of national social development, and carry out academic and policy research on promoting green transformation, so as to help the SAR economy achieve ecological win-win and green development in the moderately diversified transformation.

Student Reflection:

In the process of studying and researching with Professor Adrian Cheung, his high research enthusiasm, rigorous academic style and selfless dedication have deeply encouraged and inspired me, and I have benefited a lot. I have not only established my basic scientific research quality, but also cultivated my practical and serious work style. At the same time, I also thank the university for providing good resources and platforms for carrying out academic research smoothly. In my future study and work, I will uphold the spirit of "Virtue, Knowledge, Practice", continue to work hard, and strive for more achievements!


Source: Research Management Office

Translation: Faculty of Finance