CityU FOF visited Shanghai and establish a Shanghai-Macau exchange platform

Release date:2023/07/11
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Shanghai has an excellent development of the financial industry and an international financial center, and its international exchanges and connectivity continue to expand. To further deepen the close ties between the Faculty of Finance of CityU and Shanghai financial enterprises and well-known universities, and broaden the horizons of students, from 2 to 6 July, the delegation of the City University of Macau visited CIB Research, International Economics and Finance College of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd., Next Engine, Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch and Lujiazui Administration Bureau to conduct in-depth exchanges with industry experts and academic elites, strengthen the connection between the Faculty and mainland industry and academia, and promote youngster in Macau to have a better understanding of national development.


The visit was led by the Faculty of Finance of CityU. The delegation consisted of a total of 15 people, led by Lecturer Simon Sou and Administration Staff Laurinda Kwan. The delegation members included 13 Macau local students. The Faculty thanked Professor Yunqiao Wu, Associate Dean of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, for his meticulous arrangement of the visit, and thank Professor Wu, Mr. Lilong Cao and Ms. Wei He of the Business Development Department, for leading the teachers and students to participate in the visit, which helped promote communication and exchange between the two universities.


CIB Research

The visit helped students understand the financial industry as well as their future career development. The participants included Mr. Zhengwei Lu, Chief Economist of Industrial Bank, Vice President of Industrial Research Company and Chairman of Academic Review Committee, Mr. Hao Chen, Senior researcher of financial regulation, Ms. Shiting Chen, Senior researcher of credit research, Ms. Meng Zhang, Senior researcher of forex research, Mr. Tenghui Li, Senior researcher of automotive industry, Mr. Yijie Wang, Senior researcher of new chemical materials, Mr. Yuan Hua, Domestic macroeconomic researcher, and Ms. Wanrong Cui, Stock market researcher.


International Economics and Finance College of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance

The exchange and communication helped the students to understand the economic and financial forms, featured education systems and future employment development of Shanghai and Macau. After the exchange session, the delegation visited the Zhongshan West Road campus and Pudong campus of Shanghai Lixin Accounting and Finance College. The participants included Ms. Hongsu Chu, General Secretary of the Communist Party Branch of Lixin Continuing Education and International Economics and Finance College, Dean Xiaodong Yao and Associate Dean Yunqiao Wu of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, Director Lilong Cao of Business Development Department, Director Mengyi Xie of International Curriculum Department, Director Aimin Zhou of International Study Department and Director Liuming Hou of Certificate Training Department.


Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd.

The visit allowed students to understand the development history, organizational structure, featured business, innovation system and social mission of Sinopharm Group, feel its corporate culture and spirit from a multi-dimensional perspective, and through field visits, experiences and exchanges, stimulate students to think about innovation and interdisciplinary thinking, and help students face multiple challenges in the future. The participants included Director Yilun Wu of the Finance Department, Director Shaocheng Jin of the Disciplinary Committee Office, and Director Mengmeng Bai of the Market Management Department.


Next Engine

Visits and exchanges were conducted on the development and application of modern transportation technology and the status and blueprint of the construction of Next Engine Metaverse. Next Engine showed many cases of technological innovation and application scenarios to the students, which triggered active questions and in-depth thinking. It not only improved students’ understanding of the technological innovation of the transportation universe industry, but also provided a good platform for the collision of industry cooperation and innovative thinking. The participants included Mr. Xiaoyuan Lu, Chief scientist, and Mr. Danli Zhang, Deputy general manager of Next Engine.


Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch

By introducing the general situation and business performance of Shanghai Branch, students were given a more intuitive understanding of the Bank of Ningbo. Focusing on three issues that students are concerned about, namely recruitment requirements, financial technology, and risk management, some selective ideas are presented. The students interacted with the staff from the Branch along two aspects, namely, hard indicators and soft power. Participants included Mr. Xuesong Xu, President of Ningbo Bank Shanghai Branch, Mr. Min Li, General Manager of Fintech Department, General Manager Jingjing Chen and Director Hsuan Jie of Human Resources Department.


Lujiazui Administration Bureau (Lujiazui Financial City)

Mr. Qing Liang, Deputy director of Lujiazui Administration Bureau, introduced that as the core area of Shanghai's construction of an international financial center, the international financial center is fundamentally based on talent competition. In recent years, Lujiazui Financial City has strived to build a global financial talent-gathering highland and provides strong financial talent support for the construction of a leading area for socialist modernization. Mr. Liang actively discussed the potential and trends of Macau's financial development with the students. He believed that it is not a matter of overnight to improve the diversified institutional system, and encouraged students to enhance their understanding of reality, further understand the reality of the industry and the future development potential of the industry, and expand the regional talent pool.


The visit to Shanghai enterprises and universities has been concluded successfully. The trip allows the students to have a rich learning harvest, a more in-depth understanding of Shanghai and domestic and international financial industry conditions, triggers them to the development trend of financial interdisciplinary development and personal academic and career planning, and exchange and interact with experts from various enterprises.