Experts gather at CityU to discuss economic development in the new era

Release date:2023/05/18
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To expand the academic horizons of its faculty and students and gain insights into the cutting-edge information on the economic and financial developments of the country and the region, City University of Macau (CityU) recently held a two-day academic conference titled “Academic Conference on Economic Development of China and the Region of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in the New Era (2023) and Economics Workshop of Guangdong-Macao Universities” at its Taipa campus. The conference, supported by the Macao Foundation, brought together scholars from Sun Yat-sen University, South China Normal University, Jinan University, Huaqiao University, and CityU to engage in an in-depth discussion.

Rector Jun Liu expressed a warm welcome to the experts and scholars in his opening speech, stating that this bilingual academic conference was held at a right time which could facilitate scholarly exchanges to promote in economic development in the post-epidemic era. As a local university that values international talent cultivation, CityU is committed to providing high-quality education, actively promoting academic research, and cultivating talents to catering to the needs of national development, bringing in new dynamics to support society and economic development. “This conference is a platform which provides opportunities for scholars to exchange academic ideas,” Rector Liu said. He hoped that the conference could stimulate thoughts and exchange, help participants broaden their academic horizons, and provide suggestions for the economic and financial development of Macao, the Greater Bay Area, and the country.

The first session was chaired by Prof. Xu Xianxiang from Sun Yat-sen University. Associate Professor Yang Yang from Sun Yat-sen University discussed the platform competition and its benefits effects in the context of exclusive agreements. Dr. Deng Lanfang from South China Normal University talked about how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of adult online learning and training without repeated social interaction. Associate Professor Wang Bin from Jinan University explored the problems of production networks, analyzing in-depth how the collapse in part of the industrial chain would cause upstream or downstream companies to fail.

The second session was chaired by Professor Wei Xiahai from Huaqiao University. Professor Liu Yuan from South China Normal University analyzed the access of foreign investment and the development of local automobile enterprises, as well as how the introduction of new foreign products drives the development of domestic brands. Dr. Luo Wei from Jinan University studied the impact of China’s trade liberalization on marriage, spouse quality, and fertility rates. Dr. Deng Lin from CityU revealed the relationship between prohibiting salary history disclosure during the recruitment process and corporate innovation.

The third session was chaired by Associate Professor Wang Xianbin from Jinan University. Dr. Zheng Xin from Sun Yat-sen University discussed issues related to network econometrics. Dr. Xu Jin from South China Normal University elaborated on the non-equilibrium and complexity of organizational ecology across different levels. Dr. Jiang Yu from CityU explored the synchronicity between on-site visits by analysts and stock prices. Associate Professor Yang Benjian from Jinan University discussed whether the vertical fiscal adjustment by the government can make environmental protection and economic growth in a same pace.

The fourth session was chaired by Professor Liu Yuan from South China Normal University. Associate Professor Hang Jing from Sun Yat-sen University analyzed China's environmental regulatory issues. Associate Professor Wu Ya from Jinan University delved into the topic of carbon neutrality. Dr. Yu Bo from CityU revealed the impact of high-speed rail on air pollution along the route.

The academic salon was hosted by Professor Zhou Yonghong from the Faculty of Finance (FOF) at CityU and featured discussions on academic research, topic selection, and student cultivation. Participants included Professor Xu Xianxiang from Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Adrian Cheung Wai Kong (FOF Dean), and Associate Professor Wang Xianbin from Jinan University. They shared their experiences on conducting meaningful research, publishing in academic journals, and selecting topics. They emphasized that research by doctoral students or young scholars should be consistent and focused in order to make continuous progress in related fields.


The academic conference featured two keynote speeches, delivered by Professor Dong Zhiqiang from South China Normal University and Professor Wei Xiahai from Huaqiao University. Professor Dong provided an in-depth analysis of classic issues such as Nash Bargaining, and Coase theorem and related fallacies. Professor Wei revealed his research topics on production line upgrading, worker time, and labor processes.

During the conference, FOF faculty and students actively engaged in exchanges. The conference provided a new platform for economic research and academic exchanges across various institutions for higher education. Attendees also included FOF Associate Dean Khong Yueng Wah.


Photo Credit: CityU Reporter