2021 BAE Concentration Selection Information Section

Release date:2023/05/18
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To help students of the 2020 Bachelor of Applied Economics (BAE) program make better and informed decisions on their concentration, the Faculty of Finance conducted a Concentration Selection Information Section on 17th May. This information session provided detailed information on each concentration field, which helped students better plan their future development and encouraged them to explore a concentration that will be more suitable for them. Guests attending this section include Dean Adrian Cheung and Associate Dean Eva Khong, City University of Macau.


Dr. Derick Lin, Course Coordinator of BAE Program, introduced the characteristics of the two concentrations (i.e. Finance and Economics), respectively, and detailed the setting and learning content in the third and fourth academic years. He also gave suggestions on the future employment and further study direction for the students after graduation, and explained the details and key points of the procedures for selecting a concentration. According to Dr. Lin, both finance and economics majors can help students advance to broad career prospects. Although the two concentrations are closely related disciplines, their research focuses are different. He urged the students to choose a concentration suitable for themselves, and emphasized that the requirements of the two professional fields are of the same academic rigor.


At the end of the information session, students took this valuable opportunity to actively pose questions related to the selection of concentration, Dean Cheung, Associate Dean Khong and Dr. Lin answered in detail. This section enables students to have a basic understanding of the finance and economics concentrations and students' plans for further study and employment, and begin to prepare for the next academic year's concentration selection, and look forward to showing their strengths in the chosen field.