The Faculty of Finance visited Chongwa (Macao) Financial Asset Exchange Co., Ltd.

Release date:2023/05/19
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On May 18, 2023, graduate students from the Faculty of Finance, City University of Macau, visited Chongwa (Macao) Financial Asset Exchange Co., Ltd. (MOX), and were received and accompanied by Ms. Wen Wang, Executive Director and Vice President of MOX, Mr. Jiawen Fan, Director of Marketing Department, Mr. Jia-xin Zhang, Deputy Director of Operations of Hong Kong Operations Department, Ms. Ka Kei Wong, Commissioner of Marketing Department, and Mr. Luyi Lan, Director of Marketing Department. With the support and arrangement of the MOX, about 60 students participated in the visit, which was led by Associate Dean Eva Khong, Faculty of Finance, CityU of Macau.


Ms. Wang and Mr. Fan warmly welcomed the visit of the Faculty of Finance and the students. Associate Dean Khong also expressed her great honor to have the visit received by MOX, and pointed out that the students could take this opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the Macau bond market. Then, Mr. Lan and Mr. Zhang, respectively, introduced MOX and Green bonds to the students. Chongwa (Macao) Financial Asset Exchange Co., Ltd. (MOX) was established in 2018 to provide issuance, listing and trading services for Macau bonds. In 2010, it signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE), launched two-way listed products of the two exchanges, accelerated interconnection, built a bridge connecting the offshore RMB bond market, and carried out innovative cooperation around green finance. MOX's current bonds issued or listed in Macau include: national bonds, local government bonds, interest rate bonds, green bonds, anti-epidemic bonds, Belt and Road bonds, and Free Trade zone bonds.


Green bonds refer to debt financing instruments issued by domestic and overseas enterprises with legal person status, and raised funds are used for green projects such as energy conservation and environmental protection, pollution prevention and control, resource conservation and recycling. Compared with ordinary bonds, green bonds are special in four aspects: the use of bond raised funds, green project evaluation, raised funds management and information disclosure. In order to vigorously develop green finance, the country and relevant departments have continuously improved their policies on green bonds. For example, with the approval of the People's Bank of China and the China Securities Regulatory Commission this year, the Green Bond Standards Committee issued the “China Green Bond Principles” to encourage enterprises to issue green bonds. According to data, China's green bond market and its issuance volume ranked second in the world in 2021, and the issuance growth rate was also ahead of other markets.


After the introduction presentation, students actively asked questions, and the MOX staff answered in detail. Associate Dean Khong once again thanked MOX for its support to the Faculty of Finance in all aspects, and looked forward to deeper cooperation with MOX to jointly build an exchange platform for enterprises, studies and research, provide students with a pragmatic learning experience, and jointly train bond professionals. The visit provided students with a more in-depth understanding of MOX, the operation of the bond market, and China's development in the new energy industry.